Wainwrights Special

As you know we are beginning a new walking project this year, to climb all the Lake District hills described in Arthur Wainwright’s famous guides. This will take us some time as there are 214 of them, but it will also give us the opportunity to really explore this beautiful part of Britain. Howard Cruse will be endeavouring to get things going this year and organise the walks.

After some research we have found a set of 59 circular walks that cover all the Wainwrights, and that we can tackle during a few weekends each year. (See www.go4awalk.com) They vary in difficulty from Blue to Black walks and everything in between.

We hope that these walks in Lakeland will be popular with many club members, from those who wish to bag every peak, to those who might only want to do a few of the walks but would enjoy spending some time in the Lake District with friends.

This year we have selected 3 weekends in 3 famous walking areas. The dates have been mentioned in the January Newsflash as below:

Patterdale – 9th to 11th May

  • Friday 9th May – Red Screes from Brothers Water – Blue+
  • Saturday 10th May – The Deepdale Horseshoe – Red+
  • Sunday 11th May – Stoney Cove Pike and Grey Crag from Hartsop – Red
  • Total 14 Wainwrights

Great Langdale – 5th to 6th July

  • Saturday – 5th July -The Oxendale Horseshoe – Red+
  • Sunday – 6th July – The Langdale Pikes – Red
  • Total 8 Wainwrights

Buttermere – 19th to 21st September

  • Friday 19th September – Hay Stacks and Fleetwith Pike – Blue
  • Saturday 20th September – Hopegill Head and Grasmoor – Red+
  • Sunday 21st September – Starling Dodd from Buttermere – Red
  • Total 10 Wainwrights

Action needed

If you are interested in coming on the first weekend in Patterdale please email Howard by return

We recommend staying near to Glenridding/Patterdale to be close to the start of the walks.

If you want to stay somewhere else that is fine. Ambleside is within easy reach for example. After you have booked please advise Howard and John of your plans (planned walks, nights staying and where).

A couple of weeks before the trip we will send out an e-mail to indicate who is coming, where they are staying and the timing of walks.

If there is enough interest in doing easier non-Wainwright walks on some days we will endeavour to arrange them. So if you plan to come but not walk the Wainwrights please advise Howard as far in advance as possible.

NOTE: Please note for those participating we plan to share your information amongst us all including contact email addresses and walk records to make it easier to plan and monitor the project.

Record Keeping

We are sure some of you will be keen to record your achievements. If you subscribe to the www.go4awalk.com site you can record your ‘bagging’ there but you will need to buy credits. Alternatively, we have produced an Excel workbook which lists all the Wainwrights which we can send you. The club will keep records of each walk including length, ascent, difficulty and who walked for sharing and producing our walking statistics.

If you are not sure about your plans or have questions either e-mail or call Howard

Some Vaguely Interesting Facts about The Wainwright walks

  • There are 214 Wainwrights
  • The highest is Sca Fell Pike at 978m or 3210ft
  • The smallest is Castle Crag at 290m or 952ft
  • Alfred Wainwright started to write and draw his first guide to The Eastern Fells in 1952 (published 1955)
  • The last in the series The Western Fells was published in 1966
  • My complete set of all the guides weighs 2.8KG and I will not be carrying all of them on the walks
  • The 59 walks we aim to do consist of 10 Blue, 8 Blue+, 14 Red, 20 Red+ and 7 Black walks.
  • The longest walk is 20km or 12.5 miles
  • The shortest is 7.5km or 4.7 miles and includes Hay Stacks, Wainwright’s favourite hill
  • The most height gained in a walk is 1487m or 4780ft
  • The least height gained is 287m or 940ft
  • Total length of the 59 walks is 860km or 534 miles
  • Total height gained is 54,660m or 179,300ft (roughly 6 Everests)
  • Someone has done all the Wainwrights 42 times!
  • It will take us around 7 years to do all the walks!!
  • The youngest person to do all 214 hills was 5 years old when he finished!!!