Newsletter Summer 21

Dear Members

At last there is the feeling of a return to some sort of normality, albeit a ‘new normal’ but how good it feels after all the restrictions imposed on everyone since early Spring last year. I know members are really enjoying getting together again, not only to walk but also for the social interaction we’ve missed for so long, the catching up of news, the banter, the laughs…it’s great to see everyone again!

Following our committee meeting last month, here’s an update of club news:


Sadly, for personal reasons Carine has had to step down as the Committee’s Secretary for Holidays and Weekends Away. We very much appreciate the work she has done over the past months to bring order to the complicated situation of holidays booked/cancelled/moved with deposits transferred/refunded/still owed etc, following the outbreak of Covid last year. We are extremely grateful to Caroline who has agreed to step into the role on a temporary basis. Her immediate focus is on finalising details for our Autumn Weekend at HF Nythfa House, Brecon Beacons. If you are booked on this holiday, please bear with us, Caroline will be in touch shortly.

Further news on 2022 and 2023 holidays and weekends away will be detailed in a future email.

Walk news

Since restrictions were lifted earlier this year, weekend walks have been much appreciated and well attended. Jan reports that there has been an excellent response from walk leaders for a good variety of walks at all levels for the majority of weekend dates taking us through to the end of the year. Walk fees will continue to be paid on-line; you will be contacted at the end of this month for payment of walks completed so far this year.

Have you ever wondered how walk leaders plan the different grades of walks?
Here’s some information!

The club offers green, blue and red walks to suit a range of fitness levels and experience.
We use a profiling tool that allocates points based on distance, ascent, terrain and steep descents.

Green walks: up to 10 points – an example would be 10km with 250m ascent
Blue walks: 10.1-14 points – e.g. 12.5km with 500m ascent
Blue+ walks: 14.1-18 points e.g. 15km with 700m ascent
Red walks: 18.1-22 points e.g. 18km with 850m ascent
Red+ walks: 22.1-25 points e.g. 20km with 1000m ascent
Black walks: over 25 points.

Please get in touch with Jan if you would like more information.


Charity Walks and Picnic

Our first real social event since before Covid struck! And a good time was had by all. The weather was kind to us, 13 members enjoyed Pauline’s green walk and 12 equally enjoyed John’s blue walk – many thanks to both. The walkers were joined by a number of extra members for the picnic at Nev and Di’s. The ‘bring your own’ idea proved a huge success. All manner of picnic/garden/festival chairs were quickly set up in the lovely spacious garden, ice-boxes and bags were unpacked and everyone was soon tucking in to their own goodies. Our hosts offered beers and sausages, there were crisps to nibble and even traybake for those craving something sweet. And lots and lots of talking and laughing! A great way to end the day. Many thanks, Nev and Di, for offering your gorgeous garden as a venue for this event. On a serious note, over £300 has been raised for our two charities – the final amount has not been calculated as yet. Many thanks to all of you, especially those who donated but couldn’t join us on the day.

Future Events

At this point in the year we would normally have already fixed a social event date for the end of the year but as you can imagine, organising something this year is a little more difficult! I’m beginning to see advertisements for booking Christmas events but who knows what’s going to happen over the months to come? The Committee would appreciate your thoughts and ideas…one thought we had was to perhaps add an informal social gathering to our traditional end-of-year, between Christmas and New Year, walk, a winter version of the ‘bring your own picnic’ idea…but it would have to be indoors somewhere! Or perhaps you have another idea? Please email me with your thoughts:

As we come to the end of the summer months, let’s hope we have good Autumn weather for walking!

On behalf of the Committee,
Best wishes to you all