Walk Leader Qualifications

It is recognised that Hill Walking is a potentially hazardous pastime and, in providing a programme of guided walks, the Walking Club aims to ensure that the risks involved are both understood and controlled. In this context, the Walk Leader has a particular responsibility and the Club has recognised this responsibility by establishing a Walk Leader Qualifications structure. This structure is used in conjunction with the Club’s Walk Grading System and is designed to ensure that leaders are sufficiently experienced and competent to lead a particular walk.

Walk leader must have undergone the following National Navigation Award training, or equivalent.
For Red Walks the Gold award
For Blue Walks the Silver Award
For Green Walks the Bronze award or deemed to have sufficient experience by the Walk Programme Leader.

A leader with a Silver qualification can lead a red walk provided that a Gold qualified person is also on the walk. Similarly a Bronze qualified leader can lead a blue walk provided that a Silver or Gold qualified person is on the walk.

In order to promote the development of Walk Leaders, The Club will offer the opportunity for members to lead walks one step above their current qualification level, providing that a leader with the appropriate qualification is present on the walk.

In addition to the above, all Walk Leaders should have undertaken basic First Aid training and are encouraged to maintain a current knowledge of First Aid techniques.

Walk leaders are encouraged to carry out a reconnaissance walk and may claim out of pocket expenses of up to £20, except on weekend / weeks away.