You may have questions about how Old Hall Walking Club operates and how to join. This Frequently Asked Questions section should assist you. Please contact the Membership Secretary if you have any unanswered questions.

Am I Eligible for Membership?
Yes, the club is open to all. You may have up to three trial walks with the club on completion of an Day Membership Indemnity Form before committing to becoming a member and completing a membership form. ​

In addiation, Day membership is available on three occasions in a calendar year to the partners, the immediate family and personal friends of Club members upon completion of a Day Membership Indemnity Form.

Is there a Membership Fee?
Yes, there is an annual fee currently set at £20.

Do you have a Privacy policy?
Yes, read the Privacy Policy.

Is there a Walk Fee?
No, a walk fee is not charged for members attending weekend walks.

How do I Join the Walking Club?
Please download and complete a Membership Application Form if you wish to join Old Hall Walking Club.

Can I do a Trial Walk?
Yes, you are welcome to come on a trial walk. This is managed via Day membership.

You will find up-coming walks advertised on the club’s website. Walks are booked directly with the Walk Leader. Contact details are given on the walk notification, which is circulated to all members by email. If you are new to the club and are therefore not a fully paid-up member, please contact the Membership Secretary who will be able to book you onto the walk and provide any additional information you may need. You will be asked to complete a Day Membership Indemnity Form.

Can I Bring a Friend?
Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend upon their completion of a Day Membership Indemnity form.

What are the Walk Grades?
Walks are graded Green (easiest), Blue, Red and Black. The grading criteria take into account distance, height gained and terrain. A description of the grading system is given in the Handbook.

What is the Walk Programme?
The Walk Programme provides a schedule of walks on most Sundays, alternating between Blue/Green/Red (Green being the easiest), as well as Spring and Autumn Walking Weekends and a Summer Walking Week. The Walk Programme together with up-coming Walk Briefs are shown on this website.

What is the Walk Brief?
The Walk Brief is displayed on this website  in advance of the walk. It provides a brief description of the route and its features (e.g. distance, ascent and terrain) together with timings and travel arrangements. This information should assist you in deciding whether or not the particular walk is suitable for you.

Who can I talk to about the club?
You can use the Contact form to contact the Membership Secretary.