Committee Roles


Ensure Club complies with its constitution and develops policies in support of its activities.
Ensure the Club pursues the objectives set out in the constitution.
Ensure the Club is managed so as to benefit its members.
Ensure the good name of the Club.
Ensure effective and efficient administration of the Club.
Ensure the website is kept up-to-date.

Key Tasks
Act as Ambassador and spokesperson for the Club.
Set agenda, chair and facilitate committee meetings
Lead discussions at committee meetings and ensure they are implemented.

Walk Programme Leader

Ensure that the Club has a varied and balanced ‘Walk Programme’.
Ensure that each Walk is led by an appropriately qualified person.
Ensure that details of each walk (the ‘Walk Brief’) is publicised on the Club website at least two weeks prior to the date of the walk and emailed to Members at least one week prior to the date of the walk.
Ensure that economical use is made of minibuses, where required.
Give guidance to Walk Leaders in the administration of walks.
Take the lead on walk related matters including health and safety issues.

Key Tasks
Set the walk dates and grades (‘Walk Programme’) at least 6 months in advance and arrange for publication on the Club website.
Seek nominations from Walk Leaders for the walks they wish to lead and allocate the walks at least 4 months in advance.
Check that the Leader has finalised the route and prepared the ‘Walk Brief’ at least 3 weeks before the walk date.
Book the minibus, if required, at least 8 weeks in advance and assist the Walk Leader in the promotion of the Walk to ensure the minibus is full (14 or more).
Arrange for the Website to be updated with the ‘Walk Programme’ and next ‘Walk Brief’.
Consult with the Walk Leaders in the selection of walks for the “Walking Weekends” and ensure that each Walk has an allocated Leader.
Seek ways for the Club to improve its management and execution of walks.
Maintain the content of the ‘Leader Resources’ Section of the Website including the risk assessment.
Encourage aspiring Walk Leaders and promote their training needs, including First Aid requirements.
Monitor Health and Safety developments and assess their impact on the Club’s activities.
Maintain the list of past walk briefs on Drop Box.
Maintain the walk statistics and prepare a summary for the AGM.
Hold a meeting of the Walk Leaders on an annual basis.
Take responsibility for storing the Club’s equipment (maps, emergency shelters and walkie talkies).


Maintain club’s accounting records, record fees collected and defray properly authorised expenses.
Have joint access to the club’s bank account along with the Event’s Secretary and authority to administer the club’s banking transactions online.
Prepare periodic accounts for review by the management committee, and Annual accounts to 31st December for presentation to the AGM each year following review by the appointed Accounts Examiner.

Membership & Social Secretaries

Promote new membership through publicity.
Make contact with potential new members. Ensure they are given full information about OHWC, are supported and welcomed into the club.
Maintain an up-to-date list of members and their personal details.
Ensure the club complies with GDPR

Secretarial Matters
Take minutes for all committee meetings and circulate.
Organise the AGM.
Send out newsletters to all members informing them of relevant club matters.

Social Events
Organise the summer BBQ
Organise a Christmas/New Year Social Event
Organise the social aspect of the AGM

Key Tasks

Assist the Walk Programme Leader in developing new ways to attract members.
Respond to emails/telephone calls from people enquiring about the club.
Give them information about the walks, frequency, equipment, holidays and social events.
Support them, answering questions and guide them to the website. When possible attend their first walk to aid introductions to other members.
Maintain up-to-date personal information on all members in Dropbox.
Each year (in April) send out information on GDPR and formally request the club’s right to store.
Make sure all committee members comply with GDPR re storage of information.

Secretarial Matters
Attend all committee meetings, take minutes and send copies in good time to all the committee to ensure each member can carry out the tasks assigned to them.
Following the time scale laid out in the constitution, give formal notice of the AGM to all Members. Place information on the website. Organise the venue, oversee the contributions by committee members for the PowerPoint presentation. Ensure a laptop and a projector (with appropriate leads) are available.
Gather information from all committee members and then compile and circulate a newsletter to all members (3-4 per annum) giving info on walks, holidays, social events and any other general club information.

Social Events
Organise winter and summer meals and venues and payments including the deposit and by members (via OHWC Bank Account). Send out details to club members re venue, date, time etc. Liaise with catering staff the cost and menu for the evening and check Bar facilities. Give all details to members via email.

Secretary Events (Holidays and Weekends)
To be joint signatory on bank account with Treasurer
Liaison with Treasurer on financial matters, occasionally making payments directly and deputising for Treasurer in case of long absence
Being a member of the OHWC Committee
Selection, with the Committee and others, of appropriate club holidays each year, minimally a Spring and Autumn long weekend and a summer holiday
Circulation of holiday details including approximate costs to all members
Liaison with Secretary Membership to provide entries for the OHWC Newsletter
Continuous and regular liaison with the relevant holiday provider concerning all aspects of booking and providing the holidays
To act as lead name for the holiday with hotel managers, external walk leaders etc. or to deputise someone to do this if not on the holiday