Welsh Marilyns, Llyn Peninsular

Our second Marilyns weekend away, this time on the Llyn Penisula. A chance to try the local Welsh Marylin peaks.

Green + Blue + Red

13  – 15 May 2024

No dogs allowed

This trip is suitable for walkers of all grades. 20 members have shown an interest and 8 have booked accommodation (27/10/23)

Day 1 (Green): Aberdaron/Bardsey Island – we take a boat trip estimated cost £45 to bag a small Marilyn (4km/165m) and explore the island. Boat trip depending on tides/weather. Another small Marilyn is planned to be done before or after the boat trip for those who wish.

Day 2 (Green + Blue): AM & PM walks, with a 20 minute drive between, do either or both (Red).

Day 3 (red): Anyone not wishing to do the full walk can either A) omit one of the Marilyns; B) do a self guided walk (4 hr circular); or C) stroll to the Welsh National Language Centre & tea rooms (20 minutes).

We plan to base this trip around Nefyn which is convenient for the start points. There is plenty of self catering accommodation at reasonable prices in the vicinity in May. B&B accommodation has been identified, one of which has 12 rooms, so for those wishing to book early/now, this may enable us to get a group together.

Please notify your interest to John, no commitment, we will just add you to the list for further communications then you can book your accommodation now or when you are ready. Early next year we will ask for commitment for the boat trip and if there is a sufficient number we will organise a private charter(s) which is preferable as the boat only holds 12 people

Further details will be posted here when it becomes available.

Starting Point:
Walk Starts:
Walk Finishes:
Highest Point:


Let the walk leader know of any relevant medical conditions

Refer to the Handbook for walk related information and specifically for recommended walking equipment https://ohwc.org.uk/kit-list/ and safety information https://ohwc.org.uk/safety/

Remember you are responsible for being properly equipped

Ensure you have the walk leader’s phone number in case of an emergency

If you become detached from the group STOP, call out; try contacting group by phone or text. If no contact return to the last place you were with the group. Wait 30 mins repeatedly trying to make contact. After 30 mins seek help and/or make your own way safely.

The Google map below is the location of the walk start point.