Red + Blue + Green

11 – 19 September 2022

Our Pyrenee holiday is again with Hike Pyrenees and caters for gentler green/blue walks and more strenious hut to hut.

The accommodation is at the hotel Tierra de Biescas in Biescas.

Transport is available for a group pick-up/drop-off at Zaragoza railway station. A simple travel route to Zaragoza is fly to Barcelona and then train to Zaragoza.

The walking is in Valle de Tena and Ordesa National Park.

For more information on the holiday see Pyrenees  Note: this information is for the trip planned for 2021 that has been delayed until 2022. The holiday information is the same apart from the dates.

Ordesa National Park scene
Valle de Tena scene
Ordesa National Park scene


Let the walk leader know of any relevant medical conditions

Refer to the Handbook for walk related information and specifically for recommended walking equipment and safety information

Remember you are responsible for being properly equipped

Ensure you have the walk leader’s phone number in case of an emergency

If you become detached from the group STOP, call out; try contacting group by phone or text. If no contact return to the last place you were with the group. Wait 30 mins repeatedly trying to make contact. After 30 mins seek help and/or make your own way safely.

The Google map below is the location of the holiday.