Hope Mountain – The first Marilyn

This will be an easy set of walks for the ALL Club members to join in the launch of the Welsh Marilyn. The first Marilyn is Hope Mountain.

Green + Blue + Red

5 March 2023

No dogs allowed


Do not walk if you are feeling unwell. Carry your own hand sanitiser. In case of an emergency ensure you have with you a face mask and first aid pack.
Inevitably, the route will go through gates and over stiles that other people will have touched. It may have narrow sections that mean you will be passing close to other people.

All the walks start from the country park car park at the same time with the Red walk being in front. The Green and Blue walks will stay together as one group.

The walks have not been recce’d. We will find the routes on the day.

The route takes us SE down the lane with a detour across fields with a small ascent to Hope Mountain. Returning to the lane we all follow the same route along lanes until a footpath is reached above Cymau. The footpath heads SW and just after Bryn Melyn the routes split.

The Green/Blue group turn N, briefly touching Offa’s Dyke, then ascending, passing  Craig Fron and on to the road that leads back to the car park. At this point the Green walkers will leave the group.

The Blue walk continues along the boundary of the country park, then on passing Tir paenau until reaching the road above Nant Wood. Following the road we turn at Penn-y-Parc heading back towards and through Waun-y-Llyn Country Park, pausing at the viewpoint just before the car park.

After Bryn Melyn the Red group drop down to Ffrith then on SW through Black Wood before tuning N passing Cae-rheiinallt Farm and on to the road at Ty-draw. Following the road NE before turning off and going past Tree Tops and on to Offa’s Dyke. The route goes along a disused railway track to Coed-talon then circles N of  Leeswood Coed-Llai and out to the A541 for a short section. At Pont Ffrem the routes turns S heading back towards and through Waun-y-Llyn Country Park, pausing at the viewpoint just before the car park.

Meeting Time:
Meeting Place:
At walk start point
Walk Starts:
Walk Finishes:
G=11:30, B=14:15, R=15:00
G=5.8km, B=11.4km, R=18.6km
Duration (incl stops):
G=190m, B=383m, R=620m
Highest Point:
Minor roads/tracks/disused railway/woodlands/paths
Starting Point:
Waun-y-Llyn Country Park LL11 5HW GR SJ285577


Let the walk leader know of any relevant medical conditions

Refer to the Handbook for walk related information and specifically for recommended walking equipment https://ohwc.org.uk/kit-list/ and safety information https://ohwc.org.uk/safety/

Remember you are responsible for being properly equipped

Ensure you have the walk leader’s phone number in case of an emergency

If you become detached from the group STOP, call out; try contacting group by phone or text. If no contact return to the last place you were with the group. Wait 30 mins repeatedly trying to make contact. After 30 mins seek help and/or make your own way safely.

The Google map below is the location of the walk start point.