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3 – 10 June 2022

This walking week is located at Clachaig Inn in Glencoe.

Follow this link to Clachaig Inn to read more about where you will be staying.

Four cottages have been reserved at Clachaig Inn. Accommodation will be on a sharing basis. The cost of a cottage is not yet known, It is expected to be £900 for the week.

This is a freeform holiday for you to undertake whatever activities you wish. Walking routes will planned prior to the week and listed here when available.

The location of Clachaig Inn is shown on the map below.

Glencoe scene
Glencoe scene
Glencoe scene
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Meeting Place:
Walk Starts:
Walk Finishes:
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Highest Point:
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Let the walk leader know of any relevant medical conditions

Refer to the Handbook for walk related information and specifically for recommended walking equipment and safety information

Remember you are responsible for being properly equipped

Ensure you have the walk leader’s phone number in case of an emergency

If you become detached from the group STOP, call out; try contacting group by phone or text. If no contact return to the last place you were with the group. Wait 30 mins repeatedly trying to make contact. After 30 mins seek help and/or make your own way safely.

The Google map below is the location Clachaig Inn.