AGM Minutes 2019

Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 15 February 2019 at Eaton Golf Club


Sarah Andrew, Steve Andrews, Jan Gidman, Bernie Leadbeater, Juliet Leadbeater, Di Carr, Neville Carr, Howard Cruse, Miriam Dolphin, Wendy England, Ian Ford, Paula Ford, Terry Green, Dave Hosker, Kate Hosker, Colin Jones, Wendy Scott, John Law, Carol Law, Mark Manton, Carine Klerks, Chris Lowes, Jacqui Maudslay, Simon Maudslay, Charles Neame, Fiona Neame, Linda Pike, Sue Norwood, Sheila Powell, Ed Smyth, Caroline Smyth, John Trimble, Laura Jones, Martin Tunnicliffe, Gill Tunnicliffe, Alan Weaver, Bob Wilkinson, Bridge Wilkinson, James Williamson, Toots Williamson, Pauline Ziman.


Apologies received:

Nicola Doubt, Stephen Doubt, Carolanne Ashton, Steve Moorcroft, Denis Barwise, Margaret Barwise, Mary Gaynor, Alice Bray, Hugh Bray, Helan Isherwood, Di Patterson, Geoffrey McKenzie, Alan Murdoch, Moira Murdoch, Ken Pratt, Mary Pratt.


Club Business

Ed Smyth welcomed everyone to the 2019 AGM.


Approval of the AGM Minutes February 2018

Proposed: Colin Jones

Seconded: Carine Clerks

Vote: Approved

Please note that in the Appendix of the minutes the Proposed Budget for 2018 was incorrect. The correct information is to be circulated along with the AGM Minutes for 2019.


  1. Annual Report

By Edmund Smyth

Ed Smyth firstly thanked the committee for the work they had completed over the course of the year and for the administrative tasks they had carried out. Thanks were given to Neville Carr who has spent his first year as Treasurer and has introduced new ideas. Paula Ford, who has completed four years on the committee is standing down and was thanked for her contribution including the introduction of the membership card, ensuring members complied with the new GDPR and organising various social events.

Thanks was also given to all the walk leaders who have led walks over the course of the year, especially to Alice Bray who led for the last time in November. Thanks were also extended to Carine for auditing the accounts, to John Trimble for coordinating The Wainwrights weekends, to Sue Norwood for holding a First Aid evening, James Williamson for overseeing the club website and finally to Steve & Jan for hosting the summer BBQ.

Committee Meetings

During the last year the committee oversaw two major administrative tasks. Firstly time was spent setting up GDPR guidelines and policy. Due to legislation brought in during May 2018 the club will be required to review its guidelines annually and contact all members accordingly. Secondly, after considerable discussion the committee re-worded and up-dated the Club’s website with the aim of making it more accessible and attractive to read.

Safety Issues

Following a couple of safety issues the Walk Brief has been up-dated by Pauline. Ed thanked Bridge, Ian and Paula for their assistance following an incident while walking down Scafell Pike in the Lake District.


Ed commented upon the fact that yet again members were treated to fine walks both locally and while away on Club holidays.

Pauline had held a Walk-leaders meeting and Pauline Steve, Neville and Jan are all currently undergoing training.


Summer Evening Walk Programme 2018

Although this new initiative did not attract more members, a few new people joined us on evenings out,

and all those who attended enjoyed the chance to walk during pleasant, almost balmy summer’s evenings.


Thanks was expressed to Sarah for organising some great weekends away and such a lovely summer week abroad.

Some walks in particular were memorable, such as the wild walk we enjoyed with Steve with many members scrambling down a steep hillside whilst staying in Beddgelert. The Winter Holiday is memorable for other reasons, namely Norovirus that struck the majority of people who went. Fortunately all got home safely thanks again to Bridge.

Lake Bled provided beautiful walks for all, and of course the memories of someone with their 25yr old boots serves to reminds everyone of what a fun loving crowd we all are.

Old Hall Country Club & Spa

OH has undergone a few changes. This impacted upon the club for a few months as communication links failed, resulting in the walk briefs not being posted on our club’s notice board. All has now been resolved.


  1. Financial Report 2018 & Budget for 2019

By Neville Carr

Neville talked through the club’s expenditure over the previous 12 months and pointed out that as the winter Social took place in January 2019 (as opposed to the usual December) £600 was carried over.

He drew people’s attention to the fact that the cost of the AGM’s social has increased due to the catering being provided by Carol’s catering company that is now VAT registered.

Neville suggested paying the money raised on the charity walk in order to qualify for Gift Aid.

The budget has been increased for 2019 to cover the costs of four people who will be attending walk leader training and stands to incur a shortfall of £500.00. Neville suggested increasing the holiday administrative fee from £2 to £5 to compensate. Alternatively, it was pointed out that often the original holiday price put forward by Sarah is then later reduced due to the club receiving a free place on HF Holidays for every 10 people who go. It was suggested that the saving could be kept by the club instead.

This was proposed by Neville Carr

Seconded by Bob Wilkinson

The motion accepted.


The club remains in an overall healthy position.

Please see Appendix 1 for more detail and figures

Re budget proposal of 2019

Sue Norwood Proposed

Ian Ford Seconded

The Budget was accepted.


  1. Walks Report 2018 & Programme for 2019

By Pauline Ziman.

Weekend Walks

Walk Statistics for 2018 were presented (attached Appendix 2).

Numbers attending walks during the course of the year were slightly up on the previous year, in part due to a highly successful and very well attended Christmas walk. No doubt the very kind offer of refreshments by Toots and James helped this walk to be one of the most popular of the year.

29 people attended the two charity walks making them the best attended walking day of the year. Pauline thanked Jan,  Steve & Paula and the walk leaders for their help in making this such an enjoyable event.


Due to reverting back to the pattern of walks taking place 3 out of every 4 weekends 3 extra walks were scheduled in. This meant that more Red walks took place in 2018 and actual numbers attending them were up too. Attendance on Blue walks has remained consistent; it is the Green walks that are now the most vulnerable in terms of numbers. 8 walks were cancelled, 2 of which were green walks even though the weather was good, this was sadly due to lack of numbers.


Three weekends were organised, 2 with lovely hot and sunny weather. All walks were either Red or Red+

Pauline reminded everyone that the Wainwrights are open to anyone. If interested please contact John Trimble for planning purposes and also so you can be added to the list receiving information.  Please note it is up to the individual to arrange accommodation etc.

Summer Evening Walks.

These proved to be very enjoyable, fairly brisk early evening walks.

Two new people attended the walks (both members of Old Hall) and although they enjoyed them felt that they were unable to attend walks over the weekend and so did not become members.

It has been decided that for 2019 dogs will be able to join these walks applying the same conditions as currently used for Green walks.

Details of the walks scheduled for 2019 will be advertised in the next newsletter and also on the OHWC noticeboard at the gym.

New Walk Leaders & Training

Pauline announced the farewell of Alice as a walk leader who is now stepping down. Pauline extended her thanks to Alice for all the wonderful walks she has led, often taking in sites of archaeological interest. Pauline shared with members a note from Alice describing how she began leading in 2003 along Offa’s Dyke and thanking everyone for all the support received. Pauline summarised the huge amount of work Alice has carried out as a Leader and thanked her on behalf of the committee and the membership for her outstanding contribution. This was echoed by everyone in attendance.

This year should see two more members completing Gold Standard Training & Assessment and therefore able to lead Red walks and in addition there are two others wishing to completed Silver (Blue walks) and one new person for Bronze standard (Green walks) .

Daytime Mid-Week Walks (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

17 members responded to the survey circulated last year and so although there has not been sufficient interest to warrant a formal walking arrangement of walks Pauline said that some informal walks may be arranged. If interested in joining any mid-week walks to be held on Tuesdays /Wednesdays /Thursdays please respond to Pauline’s email inviting you to receive notifications. Notice is likely to be only a few days prior to the walk and although location and distance will be given no formal walk brief will be produced.


  1. Holidays and Weekends

By Sarah Andrew

Holidays for 2018

  1. Badia, Italian Dolomites. 11thto 18thMarch 2018
  2. Spring Weekend: Beddgelert, Snowdonia, 13thto 16thApril 2018
  3. Summer Holiday Lake Bled, Slovenia Saturday 23rd June Saturday 30th June 2018
  4. Autumn Weekend: Glaramara Keswick

All four trips received favourable comments from members. We were also provided with lots of lovely memories provided by beautiful scenic views, very good food and accommodation (although in Beddgelert there was room for improvement) excellent company and of course the odd amusing moment such as members scrambling down steep ascents on “wild walks”

Holidays for 2019

The following holidays are scheduled for this year.

  1. Spring Weekend: Northumberland 26th -29th April.

This weekend promises great coastal walks and scenery and now is fully booked with 37 Members signed up to go.

  1. Summer Holiday: Schenna, Alto Adige/SudTirol. Northern Italy:22nd -29th June
  2. Autumn Weekend: Dolgellau 4th – 7th October has 26 members going.

Holidays for 2020

Details were shared of the holiday destinations being organised for 2020.

Haus Valentin, Badia, Dolomites: Winter Holiday (Skiing/Snowshoeing/Walking) 8th-15th March (Non OHWC)

  1. Spring Weekend: HF Hotel Chy Morvah, St Ives 17th to 20th April.
  2. Summer Holiday: Hotel Splendid, Annecy in the French Alps. Approximately 6th to 13th June
  3. Autumn Walking Weekend: HF Hotel Malhamdale, Newfield Hall, 2nd to 5th October.


  1. Club Events

By Paula Ford

The Charity Walk and BBQ

This year the weather was again very warm and members enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing afternoon with a large range of BBQ meats/vegetarian options accompanied by an array of salads, followed by desserts and lots of liquid refreshments. A Lovely club event which owed it’s success to so many members.

Christmas Party: January 2019 at Willington Hall.

This was held in the Orangery like the previous year. Although Willington Hall was no less busy for the event being in January it was felt that the service was better and the food generally good. As always it proved to be a delightful evening due to the surroundings and the company of friends.

Options for Christmas 2019

It was suggested that after 3 years in the same venue it might now be time to try somewhere new. The benefits of Willington were explained i.e. the opportunity to have 2 or 3 courses, a room for the sole use of OHWC and no charge for room hire. The advantages of a pre-Christmas versa a post-Christmas event were also discussed.

Members & Membership Card

Membership cards with the on-line code for shopping at Cotswold Outdoors/Snow & Rock/Cycle Surgery/ Runners Need have been distributed to all members. The committee’s contact details, along with club events are also included on the card.

The Club now has 70 active members with new members joining each year.

GDPR update.

Thank you to all members who responded last April to the email requesting permission to store personal details on the OHWC’s database. As this is an annual requirement a streamlined and simpler version is to be used in 2019 whereby if anyone wishes to be taken off the list they should inform the Members’ Secretary. I.e. an opt-out, rather than opting-in procedure will be used.


  1. Election of Committee Officers

Paula Ford has completed four years on the committee and is therefore standing down. Gill Tunnicliffe is to be nominated to take over.

Ed Smyth presented the nominations for 2019-20.

Sarah Andrew (Holidays and Events Secretary)

Pauline Ziman (Walk Leader Officer)

Ed Smyth (Chair)

Neville Carr (Treasurer)

Gill Tunnicliffe (Members and Holidays Secretary)


Ian Ford Proposed

Jan Gidman seconded

Motion Approved.


  1. Election of Accounts Examiner

Ed Smyth thanked Carine for the work she has carried out. Carine is willing to continue for a further year.




Ed thanked all at Eaton Golf Club including Ross for preparing the room and Carol with her catering team for providing the evening’s meal.


Financial Position 2018










Income 2018






Expenditure 2018










Other Activities 2018








Proposed Budget 2019

















Fee Proposals 2019









Report on walks 2018













Wainwright Walkers




17-19 MayKeswick
12-14 JulyGlenridding
13-15 SeptemberKeswick


Matters Arising from AGM Minutes 2018

Please see below the correct budget proposal

Proposed Budget 2018


INCOME2017 Budget2017 Actual2018 BudgetDif to Act 2017
Membership Fees In£200.00£40.00£100.00£60.00
Walk Fees In£1,100.00£1,028.00£1,100.00£72.00
Interest on HF Investment£2.00£0.00£2.00£2.00
Holiday Administration Charge£100.00£148.00£148.00£0.00
AGM Catering + Social£625.00£470.00£550.00-£80.00
Leaders Exps,  Maps etc£50.00£136.00£150.00-£14.00
Other Expenses£75.00£293.50£75.00£218.50
Mini Bus£0.00£0.00£0.00£0.00
Charitable Donations£120.00£290.00£120.00£170.00
Leader Training£475.00£0.00£475.00-£475.00
Summer Party£0.00-£105.00£0.00-£105.00
Xmas Party£0.00£0.00£0.00£0.00
Net Income From Activities-£193.00-£22.52-£220.00-£197.48