AGM Minutes 2018

Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 2 February 2018 at Eaton Golf Club


Sarah Andrew, Steve Andrews & Jan Gidman, Hugh & Alice Bray, Dennis & Margaret Barwise, Di & Neville Carr, Stephen & Nicola Doubt, Wendy England, Ian & Paula Ford,  Dave & Kate Hosker, Colin Jones & Wendy Scott, John & Carol Law, Mark Manton & Carine Klerks, Alan & Moira Murdock, Linda Pike, Charles & Fiona Neame, Bev & Ian Newmarsh, Sue Norwood, Ken & Mary Pratt, Sheila Powell, Ed & Caroline Smyth, John Trimble, Martin & Gill Tunnicliffe, Alan Weaver, James & Toots Williamson, Pauline Ziman.

Apologies received:

Carolanne Ashton & Steve Moorcroft, Brian Clark & Valerie McWilliams, Howard Cruse & Mary Gaynor, Miriam Dolphin, Terry Green, Valerie Hodgson, Helan Isherwood, Chris Lowe & Di Patterson, Bob & Bridge Wilkinson,


Club Business

Ed Smyth welcomed everyone to the 2018 AGM.


Approval of the AGM Minutes February 2017

Proposed: Colin Jones

Seconded: Alan Murdoch

Vote: Approved


  1. Annual Report

Ed Smyth firstly thanked the committee for the work they had done over the course of the year and especially Ken who having completed 4 years is now standing down. Carine was also thanked for auditing the accounts.


In 2017 we attracted just two new members, Di and Neville Carr. Ed welcomed them to the club.

Committee Meetings

An overview of meetings and summary of their content was described:

Membership numbers and ways to encourage new members have been explored. The recent addition of a barrier at Old Hall has meant access to the car park is no longer possible when starting early on Sunday mornings or returning after 7pm. When required, Halford’s car park near Sainsbury’s is being used instead.

The committee also discuss social events, holidays and the content for newsletters. The treasurer produces an interim report and resources are considered. In 2017 two survival shelters were purchased to ensure that all walk leaders will always be able to have one with them. The map collection has been extended by Pauline, who also stores them on behalf of the walk leaders.

Walk Leaders

The Walk Programme Leader Pauline has worked with the work leaders to provide the 2018 Walk Programme. They have also had a separate meeting to discuss matters including walk safety, future planning and leader training.

First Aid Training has been provided by Sue Norward and some (both existing and new) walk leaders also attended a First Responders Course in Tattenhall run by a group of volunteers who provide free heartstart schemes to groups, organisations and individuals.

Safety Issues

These have been dealt with quickly and effectively, but all present were reminded that even on the easiest walks there is a need to be vigilant.


John Trimble along with Howard Cruse coordinate the weekends which this year are in Grasmere, Eastern Fells and Ambleside. The walks are mostly Red and a few black.

Holidays & Social Events

The walking weekends provided a real variety of walks this year and some interesting contrasting scenery. The week in Bavaria was very successful, a great hotel and food, pleasant walking and surrounding area, lots of good weather, and by and large the rain came after the day’s walking had been completed.

Christmas at Willington Hall was considered to be a lovely setting and in a very convenient location.

BBQ & Charity Walk

Ed thanked all those involved in making the day such a success especially Jan and Steve for hosting.

Membership Strategy

In past years new members have been encouraged through word of mouth. The demographics of the club have slowly been changing and this needs addressing. The issue of attracting new members has been discussed by the committee and actions are being implemented and plans in the pipeline. The website has been up-dated thanks to James and the notice board at Old Hall is now regularly up-dated with photos that try to reflect as diverse group as possible.

Data Protection

Hugh Bray has kindly alerted the committee to the up-coming changes from the DPA to GDPR in May this year and that our own policy will need to be amended. This will be addressed at the committee’s next meeting on 4th April.


  1. Financial Report

By Ken Pratt

(Information attached Appendix 1).

Ken talked everyone through the last year’s income and expenditure stating that the club continues to be in a good, quite robust position. The income generated was again boosted by money generated on the charity walk rather than through new membership.

Expenditure had not been quite as originally budgeted for. For the Weekend away in Lulworth Cove the club had paid out additional money for a coach on the Saturday as the best walks on offer were linear. The survival tents had cost £96.00 but as the money assigned to walk leader training had not been used this did not affect the budget adversely.

The walk Leader training will hopefully take place this year and has been put into the proposed budget for 2018.

Funds were still in excess of £3,000.00

The committee felt that the walk fees were adequate and therefore suggested they remain the same for 2018 ie.

£2 for weekend walks

£2 for Wainwrights

£5 for weekend away

£5 for Charity Walk

£1 for mi- week evening walks

This was put to a vote.

Proposed: Stephen Doubt

Seconded: Mark Manton

All members were in favour.

Vote: approved


  1. Walks Report 2017 & Programme for 2018

By Pauline Ziman.

Walk Statistics for 2017 were presented (attached Appendix 2).

Pauline reported that walks were very well attended in 2017 and were now back to the numbers seen in 2015. Many members attended a number of walks and indeed Caroline & Ed Smyth completed an impressive 15 Sunday walks each. A record number of 32 attended the Charity walk aided by the fact there was both a Green and Blue walk on offer. Pauline thanked all those involved in making it such an enjoyable day.

Only 5 walks were cancelled (all due to poor weather conditions) during the year. In comparison with 2015 when many of the walks in the 2nd half of the year were cancelled not only due to inclement weather but also lack of numbers wishing to go. This dip in attendance resulted in the club deciding to have a two week break between each set of walks, hoping that would condense the numbers on each walk.

It was now felt that we could revert back to just one week off between thus ensuring once again that our Green walking crew would not go 5 weeks between walks.

Pauline pointed out that although on first glance numbers on Red Walks are now lower while Blue walks were faring better, this is actually misleading. Many of the increased Blue walk numbers were due to the fact that there had only been 6 Red walks in 2017 so some of these were actually frustrated Red walkers and 19 were walkers on the Blue charity walk


One of the weekends had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and a sudden lack of Red walk leaders available.

Each of the five walks held over the other 2 weekends had 9 members walking.

If interested in attending any of the three weekends arranged this year then please contact John so that he can include you on the list of contacts for information and arrangements.

New Walk Leaders & Training

Pauline asked that if anyone is interested in becoming a walk leader please get in touch. The training is provided to the standard of the NNAS National Navigational Award Scheme and is comprehensive and supportive.

Once qualified, the club asks walk leaders to lead a minimum of 2 walks per year.

New For 2018

The committee has questioned why there are fewer people joining and one reason could be that those working full time feel they cannot commit to a whole day’s walking.

Our current tradition walking on Sunday’s suits our members so this will remain the same, but this year 4 2 hour short brisk walks will be held mid-week in the evening. We are hoping that this will appeal to existing members and also to potential new people as an enjoyable alternative to people going to the gym. These will not be colour graded and will be charged at £1.00 as they are half the time/length of the weekend walks.

Pauline asked for a show of hands to gauge how many people would like mid-week walks to be offered during the day. 20 members indicated they might be interested. Pauline will be following this up.


  1. Holidays and Weekends away 2017

By Sarah Andrew

Larpool Whitby: 21st to 24rd April 2017

Once again the trip up to Whitby was enjoyed and members experienced the extra added delights of country dancing in the evenings courtesy of Howard.

Bavaria:  (Lake Tegernsee near Munich) 15th to 22nd July 2017

This proved to be a great location walking around the lake and in the surrounding forests and hills. Only one negative was noted, namely that we were joined by 5 people out walking (as OHWC did not have sole occupancy there), two of whom affected the pace as sadly they were ill prepared.

Lulworth House in Dorset, 29th September to 2nd October 2017

Members enjoyed some beautiful walks although some of the walks were tough. The only drawback to the venue was that no separate room was available for members to meet.


Holidays for 2018

Badia, Italian Dolomites. 11th to 18th March 2018 

A smaller party of just 11 (including some non-members) are due to go. Although double rooms are not available it might still be possible to join in if prepared to take a single room.

 Spring Weekend: Beddgelert, Snowdonia, 13th to 16th April 2018

Promising things have been heard about this venue as it has been recently renovated and it is an area that many people have wanted to explore.

Summer Holiday Lake Bled, Slovenia Saturday 23rd June Saturday 30th June 2018

Sarah recommended this place due to the range of activities available as well as the excellent scenery and 23 members are all set to go.

 Autumn Weekend: Glaramara Keswick

This proved very popular last time with excellent accommodation. This is not combined with a Wainwrights weekend and will as usual have a range of walks to choose from.


Holidays for 2019

The committee are keen to arrange one weekend each year which does not involve too much travel and one further afield

Spring Weekend: Northumberland

As shown by the dates above, Easter is late next year and so the weekend away will be a little later in the year too. This should increase the chances of it being warm and dry.

Summer Holiday: Schenna, Alto Adige/SudTirol. Northern Italy: Provisional dates 22nd-29th June 19

Autumn Weekend: TBC


  1. Club Events

By Paula Ford

  1. The Charity Walk and BBQ

This year the weather was very pleasantly warm and members enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing afternoon with a good array of food and cold beverages. It was thought two social events in quick succession might adversely affect numbers and so the BBQ replaced the summer evening meal out.

  1. Christmas Party: Friday 2nd December at Willington Hall.

This was held in the Orangery (a new room which overlooks the gardens and surrounding countryside). It proved to be a delightful evening with excellent food and company.

Members & Membership Card

Last year we had 62 active members. New Membership this year has already succeeded last year’s numbers as four new people have joined us. It is hoped that by making the membership board at the gym more attractive, making additions / alterations to the website, more directly targeting people at the gym and the introduction of evening walks might all help to boost numbers.

The 2018 membership card has been distributed. The committee’s contact details, along with club events are included on the card along with the calendar of walks for the year and the discount code for Cotswolds Outdoor.


  1. Election of Committee Officers

Ed Smyth presented the nominations for the following year.

Sarah Andrew (Holidays and Events Secretary)

Paula Ford (Members and Holidays Secretary)

Pauline Ziman (Walk Leader Officer)

Ed Smyth (Chair)

Neville Carr (Treasurer)


Toots Williamson Proposed

Hugh Bray seconded

Motion Approved.


  1. Election of Auditor

Ed Smyth thanked Carine for the work she has carried out. Carine is willing to continue for a further year.



Ed also thanked all at Eaton Golf Club including Ross for preparing the room and Carol with her catering team for providing the evening’s meal.



Financial Position 2017

Balance Brought Forward:
Bank & Cash £        2,979.06£     953.04£3,932.10
HF Investment £           113.91£113.91
Net Income-£22.52-£931.04-£953.56
Balance Carried Forward:
Bank & Cash£2,956.54£22.00£2,978.54
HF Investment£113.91£113.91


Income 2017

INCOME2016 Actual2017 Actual2017 BudgetDif to Budget
Membership Fees In£40.00£40.00£200.00-£160.00
Walk Fees In£1,020.00£1,028.00£1,100.00-£72.00
Interest on HF Investment£6.30£-£2.00-£2.00
Holiday administration Charge£105.15£148.00£100.00£48.00


Expenditure 2017

EXPENDITURE2016 Actual2017 Actual2017 BudgetDif to Budget
AGM Catering + Social£527.50£470.00£625.00£155.00
Leaders Exps, Maps etc£400.00£136.00£50.00-£86.00
Other Expenses£50.00£293.50£75.00-£218.50
Mini Bus£0.00£0.00£0.00£0.00
Charitable Donations£245.00£290.00£120.00-£170.00
Leader Training£250.00£0.00£475.00£475.00
Summer Party£0.00-£105.00£0.00£105.00
Xmas Party£9.53£9.35£0.00-£9.35


Other Activities 2017

Other ActivitiesB/FwdIncomeExpenditureC/Fwd
Spring Weekend£0.00£3,894.12£4,397.16£0.00
Summer Week£0.00£20,306.00£20,756.00£0.00
Autumn Weekend£0.00£4,911.70£4,911.70£0.00
Spring Weekend Y+1£503.00£2,175.00£2,175.00£0.00
Summer Week Y+1£450.00£3,450.00£3,450.00£0.00
Autumn Weekend Y+1£0.00£900.00£900.00£0.00
Other Holidays£0.00£10,8970.00£10875.00£22.00


Proposed budget 2018



Fee Proposals 2018

2018 Fees Proposals201620172018 Proposed
Membership Fees£20£20£20
Walking Fee per walk (inc Wainwrights)£2£2£2
Walking Fee per Weekend (HF Holidays)£5£5£5
Charity walk Fee£5£5£5
Evening Walk Fee£1
Holiday Administration Charge pp per holiday£2£2£2



Report on walks 2017













Wainwright Walkers



11-13 MayGrasmere / Ambleside
7-8 JulyHaweswater / Kendal
7-9 SeptemberAmbleside