AGM Minutes 2016

Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 12 February 2016 at Eaton Golf Club


Sarah Andrew, Steve Andrews, Hugh & Alice Bray Howard Cruse, Mary Gaynor, Miriam Dolphin, Stephen & Nicola Doubt ,Wendy England, Paula & Ian Ford, Terry Green, Dave & Kate Hosker, Helan Isherwood, Colin Jones & Wendy Scott, John & Carol Law, Chris Lowe & Di Patterson, Linda Pike, Mark Manton, Carine De Bree-Klerks, Charles & Fiona Neame, , Steve Moorcroft & Carolanne Ashton, Peter & Shirley Ryan, Mary Traynor, Ed & Carolyn Smyth, John Trimble, Martin & Gill Tunnicliffe, Alan Weaver, James & Toots Williamson, Pauline Ziman

Apologies received:
Ken & Mary Pratt, Alan & Moira Murdock, Denis & Margaret Barwise, Ken & Fran Waldie, Sheila Powell, Sue Norwood

Club Business
Howard Cruse welcomed everyone to the 2016 AGM, particularly new members who have joined in the last year including Mary, Linda, Carole and Carine.

Approval of the AGM Minutes 2015
Proposed: Nicola Doubt,
Seconded: Fiona Neame
Vote: Approved

1. Annual Report
Howard Cruse reported briefly commenting on the addition of several new members (albeit a few less than the previous year) that there are 70 active members and that the club is in a sound financial position. Walk numbers were very good at the start of the year, but dropped from May onwards. An unprecedented number of walks were cancelled for a variety of reasons (Walk leader unavailable, lack of numbers and others due to very poor weather conditions). Approximately 50% of walks were cancelled in the latter half of the year. The committee has therefore discussed several new initiatives and as part of the AGM members present will be asked for their thoughts on these too.
The club has a number of very experienced leaders but ideally a few new leaders are required. Training has not been possible in 2015 but is planned for 2016.
The club has held two social events; a summer Party at the Blue Bell Café and a Christmas Party at Eaton Golf Club. Members will be asked during the AGM if they have suggestions for new social events and possible new venues.
Health & Safety guidelines are followed at all times by the club, its walk leaders and members, this helps to minimise accidents. Unfortunately one major incident did occur while on a green walk when a member slipped, fell and required an air ambulance and hospitalisation.
One member present (Colin Jones) asked for clarification on the £20.00 one-off membership fees. He enquired if a member has not attended any walks for a period of one year or more whether they should be requested to pay a re-joining fee. It was thought that this would entail changing the club’s constitution. The committee responded stating they would look into it.

2. Financial Report
By Sarah Andrew standing in for Ken Pratt
The club introduced a holiday administration charge in 2015 which had generated a small income which was proving effective.
The budget allowance of £475.00 on Walk Leader training has not been spent.
The club has however incurred additional costs over budget for the Christmas Party and the Committee also sent £100.00 to the Air Ambulance Organisation as a mark of appreciation for the work they carry out.
The committee felt that the walk fees were adequate and therefore were able to remain the same for 2016. This was put to a vote.
Proposed: Miriam Dolphin
Seconded: Colin Jones
1 person voted for them to be changed
One person abstained.

Vote: approved

A surplus was generated from the weekend break at Coniston Water. It was felt however that as the holiday had been advertised at a particular price, that all had paid and that the surplus was most likely due to a re-calculation by HF after a last minute alterations to numbers matters should be left as they are rather than returning small sums to each individual.
Please see Appendix 1

3. Review of Walk Programme 2016
By Steve Andrews.
Walk Statistics were presented which include The Wainwrights (attached Appendix 2).
23 walks took place, 8 walks were cancelled and 69 out of 80 members participated in at least one walk during the course of the year.
Some walk leaders had expressed disappointment at their walk being cancelled due to lack of numbers especially after having carried out a reckie in preparation. The weather has certainly been a contributing factor (i.e. the red walk that James Williamson was set to lead). It was however predominantly Blue walks that were cancelled
At the AGM in 2015 members had asked if more walks could be arranged, but sadly the numbers this year have not indicated that people are walking more frequently. Likewise in response to member’s requests during the 2015 AGM some easy blues and reds had been organised, but again did not attract increased numbers.
Steve will continue to display each week’s walk on the notice board at Old Hall Gym.
Steve also reminded members that a deadline of 6pm on the Friday (before the walk taking place on Sunday) would help him and the walk leader for that particular walk gauge transport and viability. The general policy is if there are enough walkers to fill a car the walk will go ahead. Please remember that sometimes walks use private parking and others are linear therefore numbers for transport are required to avoid unexpected problems on the day. Please phone or email the particular walk leader involved if you intend going.

It was suggested that if people do not walk they should no longer be members, the reason being OHWC should be seen as a walking club (with social events) rather than the other way around.

The Wainwrights
Steve thanked Howard and John Trimble for their continuing work on The Wainwrights. Some walks had been especially long and demanding.

Please note
: A walk list has been circulated to all those who have taken part to date. If additional members are interested, please contact Howard or John for more information. Booking accommodation is up to the individual, although they do recommend hotels/ B&B’s.

For 2016 Steve will also endeavour to send out more information about the walks (asking the walk leaders to send information in advance) and aim to introduce a quarterly bulletin so that members can pencil in specific walks/weekends.
The Club also received suggestions including introducing electronic invitations and google diary.

Please note
: members are asked to always ensure they carry:
1. The walk leader’s mobile phone number with them,
2. An ICE Card (please download from OHWC website or ask a committee member)
3. A Guidance for Hill Walkers card (please obtain from Walk Leaders)

Please see Appendix 2

4. Holidays and Weekends away
By Sarah Andrew
Holidays attended for 2015

1. Spring Walking Weekend in Church Stretton: 10th -12th April 2015
33 members attended the first break away. The feedback from members re: hotel, food and walking was all very positive and as a result it will be kept in mind for a return visit sometime in the future.

2. Summer holiday: Les Contamines, French Alps:  4th -11th July 2015
21 members attended. The weather turned out to be considerably warmer than anticipated with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees most days. The two HF walk leaders were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, the range of walks offered was extremely varied and the scenery wonderful.

3. Autumn weekend in Coniston Water: 2nd -5th October 2015.
The last of the three holidays this year was spent at Monk Coniston, an historic National Trust property set in romantic surroundings looking down towards Coniston Water. In total forty members attended the weather was fabulous weather, the surroundings beautiful.

Holidays planned for 2016
1. Winter holiday Chalet Varena in Corvara: March 2016
The club has reintroduced a winter holiday which is to take place in March.

2. Spring Walking Weekend 2016 – Dovedale, Derbyshire. 15th-18th April 2016
18 members have booked. Accommodation will be at HF’s Pevril of the Peak in the fabulous Peak District. Places are still available. Please contact Sarah if interested.

3. Summer Holiday 2016 in the Picos de Europa with Hike Pyrenees 3rd-10thJuly 2016.
19 members have booked this two centre holiday with Hike Pyrenees.

4. Autumn Walking Weekend 2016 – Glaramara, Keswick – 23rd -26th September 2016
All places have been filled but there is a waiting list, so please contact Sarah who will keep you informed.

Holidays proposed for 2017
The following places were suggested:
Lulworth House in Dorset, approximately 4 hours away, an excellent venue for beautiful walks.
Whitby, previously visited and 3hrs away
Beddgelert a new venue but reports are excellent.
Proposals for the summer holiday included Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland and Poland.

Members each received slips to indicate their preferred choices. These were collected by Sarah and would be used to determine the venues for 2017..

5. Club Events
By Paula Ford
Summer Social Evening 28th August 15
For the second consecutive year the summer social was held at the Bluebell Café, Barrowmore Industrial Estate. It was attended by 39 people and again the food was excellent and although a little cramped we all had a very enjoyable evening.

The Charity Walk 6th September 15
This was a circular route around Burwardsley and led by Toots Williamson went very well too and included a leisurely lunch stop and drink. Over £100.00 was raised and donated to The Stroke Association and Cancer Research.

Christmas Party: 5th December held at Eaton Golf Club.
41 members joined together at Eaton Hall. Following member’s comments at the AGM in February 2015 a professional DJ had been hired to provide the music. This received mixed reactions on the night but overall it provided a great opportunity to meet up, enjoy a meal and a few drinks together and hear one another’s news.

6. Election of Committee Officers
Howard Cruse presented the nominations for the following year.
Sarah Andrew (Holidays and Events Secretary)
Steve Andrews (Walk Leader Officer)
Howard Cruse (Chair)
Paula Ford (Members and Holidays Secretary)
Ken Pratt (Treasurer)

Proposed: Mark Manton
Seconded:  Miriam Dolphin
Motion Approved.

* Note
: 2016 will be the last year that Howard and Steve will be able to stand. In 2017 they will have completed four years on the committee and therefore will be required to stand down.

7. Election of Auditor
Howard thanked Kate for the work she has carried out for the club.
Nomination: Pauline Ziman
Proposed: Wendy Scott
Seconded: Toots Williamson
Motion Approved.

8. OHWC Website
James has received a number of comments regarding logging onto the OHWC website especially into the Member’s secure area. James proposed removing the restrictions and having everything accessible in the public area. The site is now very comprehensive, contains lots of useful information on future events, walks and holidays. It also has a large photo gallery of walks attended which is much appreciated.

9. Membership Card
A membership card detailing all walks and contact numbers is being introduced for 2016. The  committee’s contact details along with club events will also be included.

10. Thanks
Howard concluded the AGM thanking the committee members and Kate Hosker for conducting the Audit. Thanks was also given to the Walk Leaders, John Trimble for managing the Wainwright Project and James Williamson for taking on the role of Webmaster,  Eaton Golf Club (including Carol, the catering staff and bar staff) and all OHWC members for supporting this and other events throughout the year.

































































Sunday Walkers total 280257
Green Walks 121118
Blue Walks 8770
Red Walks 7269
Wainwright walks 11695