AGM Minutes 2015

Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 13 February 2015 at Eaton Golf Club



Sarah Andrew, Steve Andrews &  Jan Gidman,  Hugh & Alice Bray, Brian Clark & Valerie McWilliams, Howard Cruse, Miriam Dolphin, Stephen & Nicola Doubt ,Wendy England, Paula & Ian Ford, David & Fiona Grimes, Dave & Kate Hosker, Jill Houlbrook, Colin Jones & Wendy Scott, John & Carol Law, Chris Lowe & Di Patterson, Mark Manton, Richard Neal & Nada Khan, Charles & Fiona Neame, Sue Norwood, Ken & Mary Pratt, Sheila Powell, Pete & Shirley Ryan, Ruth Scudamore & Roy Lynes,  Ed & Carolyn Smyth, John Trimble, Martin & Gill Tunnicliffe, Ken & Fran Waldie, Alan Weaver, Bob & Bridge Wilkinson, James & Toots Williamson, Pauline Ziman


Apologies received:

Chris Elliot-Cannon, Mary Gaynor, Mick Green & Alison Williams,


  1. Club Business

Howard Cruse welcomed everyone to the 2015 AGM, particularly new members who have joined in the last year.


1.1. Approval of the AGM Minutes 2014

Proposed: Brian Clark, Seconded: Mark Manton Vote: Approved


1.2 Annual Report

Howard Cruse reported briefly on the following items:


1.3 Review of Walk Programme & Special Events 2014


Spring Walking Weekend Selworthy, Minehead, Somerset – 25- 28 April

21 Attended


Following feedback from the survey conducted in 2014 the long distances travelled to some weekend breaks/holidays has been taken on board. The Autumn weekend in Dolgellau took 1hr 45 to reach from Chester and the Spring break for 2015 will be at Church Stretton in Shropshire, 1hr 30 from Chester which will hopefully be within easy reach for most members.


Autumn Walking Weekend: Dolgellau – 10-13 October

41 attended. The club was able to take sole occupancy of the HF hotel which provided a relaxed weekend away. The weather was very good, providing walks in comfort and with excellent views.

On the Sunday evening a talk was given on Birds of Prey (with live birds on display) which proved to be both interesting and informative.


Summer Holiday: Pyrenees, Biescas in the Valle de Tena – 22-29 June

8 attended and although a much smaller party it still proved to be an excellent holiday using a new company (Hike Pyrenees).


Summer Social Evening:

Following member’s requests at the 2014 AGM the summer gathering was reintroduced and held at the Bluebell Café, Barrowmore Industrial Estate. It was attended by 43 people and provided a good setting.


The Charity walk led by Jan went very well too and included a leisurely lunch stop and drink at The Shady Oak near Beeston.




Christmas Party: 5th December held at Eaton Golf Club.

This again was attended by just over 50 members. It was an enjoyable end to the year and an opportunity to catch up with other members. The event had been less costly than in previous years as a professional DJ had not been engaged. However the committee and other club members concluded that this affected the atmosphere a little and the number of people who danced, so on balance, it would be worth the extra money hiring a DJ on future occasions.


New Website

This has been developed by James Williamson, is now very comprehensive, contains lots of useful information on future events, walks and holidays; and also has a large photo gallery of walks & events. The Secure Members Area is also proving to be useful as a means of passing on contact details and other information.


Changes to Committee

Earlier in the year Ken Pratt took over from Nicola Doubt as Treasurer and in October Paula and Sarah were co-opted onto the committee in order to gain an insight into how the committee functioned.

The club now has two new walk leaders: Jan Gidman and Stephen Doubt.

The club membership is continuing to remain constant. In 2014 there were 88 members and we now have 90 members listed.


1.4 Audit and Financial Report

Ken Pratt presented a Financial Report and Income and Expenditure for the year 1 January – 31 December 2014 (attached Appendix 1).

The income generated from walk fees was down on the previous year.

The expenditure was less than had been predicted partly due to savings made at the Christmas Party and also because the allocated budget for walk leaders’ training had not been used.

The Charity walk raised £118.07 with £59.03 going to Cancer Research and £59.04 going to the Stroke Association.


1.5 Projected Budget, Review of Walk Fees and subscription rate

Ken Pratt talked through the financial report.

Of note:

It is anticipated that there will be a knock-on effect this year however with more training being taken up and that there will be increased spending.


The walk fees for 2015:

  1. Membership Fee: £20 (for life membership)
  2. Daily Walk Fee (including Wainwrights): £2
  3. Weekend Walk Fee: to remain at £5 (per weekend, this new lower rate having been introduced in 2014)
  4. Charity Walk Fee: Minimum £5 with the amount at members’ discretion. For members unable to walk donations will be added to fees collected.
  5. Walk Leader Out of Pocket Expenses: £20 per day of walking

* These rates remain the same as in 2014


The current budget for 2015 forecasts an overspend of £293 to anticipated income

The club needed therefore to decide to

  1. a) Use club reserves to make up the shortfall
  2. b) Increase walk fee
  3. c) Introduce a £2 holiday charge
  4. d) Allow the reserves to reduce.


The committee favoured the introduction of a £2 holiday charge per person as there is a substantial amount of administration connected to holidays. Some holiday bookings (to secure the club’s chosen dates and to gain the ‘early bird’ booking) require the deposit over 12 months in advance.

Moreover the holiday cost is calculated based on a variety of discounts being incorporated. If someone cancels (although that person alone forfeits their deposit) discounts can be lost, leading to the overall price of the holiday being increased. If a £2 charge was in place this could help ensure against a cash-flow issue. As this situation will only arise with the weekend and summer holidays the committee were of the opinion members attending weekly walks should not be affected.

Some members commented that with reserves of just over £3,000.00 this additional charge was not needed, but this in effect would mean members who could not attend the holidays might end up subsidising others who took part.


Members voted for all existing walk fees to remain the same (1-5)

Proposed by Chris Lowe, Seconded by Valerie McWilliams


Vote on £2 holiday charge

Proposed by Hugh Bray, Seconded by Colin Jones

Motion approved.

The new charge will be monitored and reviewed


1.6 Election of Auditor

Nomination: Kate Hosker

Proposed: Alan Weaver Seconded: Jan Gidman Motion Approve.


1.7 Election of Committee Officers

Howard Cruse presented five nominations for the following year noting John Trimble’s retirement last April:

Sarah Andrew (Holidays and Events Secretary)

Steve Andrews (Walk Leader Officer)

Howard Cruse (Chair)

Paula Ford (Members and Administration Secretary)

Ken Pratt (Treasurer)


Proposed: Ed Smyth, Seconded: Ruth Scudamore Motion Approved.


* Note:

Kate is happy to take on the role of auditor for one last year. Howard urged members to contemplate taking on a role next year and pointed out no formal accountancy skills are required for auditing.


  1. Walk Programme & Special Events

The club now has 90 members of which 66 walk regularly (75%)

Steve Andrews presented Walk Statistics which include The Wainwrights within the figures showing that during 2014 there were more walks but noted there were fewer walkers:

(attached Appendix 2).


We completed more walks last year with the number of ‘walking days’ rising by 17%.

The HF weekends away and the summer holiday provided some great walking.


To Summarise:

The numbers attending;

Blue Walks has gone up

Red Walks has gone up significantly

Green walks numbers have gone down


The numbers attending walks this year have been good so far with many attracting 13+ members


The Wainwrights

Steve thanked Howard and John Trimble for setting up and making The Wainwrights happen.

Please note: A walk list has been circulated to all those who have taken part to date. If additional members are interested, please contact Howard or John for more information. Booking accommodation is up to the individual, although they do recommend hotels/ B&B’s.


Safety Incident

Following on from issues raised during the 2014 AGM and an incident in poor visibility last summer a Walk Leaders meeting was held on Tuesday 6th January.

The Walk leaders have discussed the need to improve road discipline and how to improve on walk safety in general. The request by some members for the pace to be monitored has also been taken on board.

As a result some changes and additions have been made to the Risk Assessment Policy and to the Walk Brief. Further Actions from the first session will be completed shortly.


A Walk Leader’s forum is now in operation to share best practice and problems and will be an ongoing process


Please note: members are asked to always ensure they carry:

  1. The walk leader’s mobile phone number with them,
  2. An ICE Card (please download from OHWC website or ask a committee member)
  3. A Guidance For Hill Walkers card (please obtain from Walk Leaders)


Steve also took the opportunity to welcome Stephen Doubt and Jan Gidman as new walk leaders.

Steve calculated that adding all the walks together, and the number of members who completed them as a club, we walked the equivalent height of two Everest’s!


Up-date on Walking Events for 2015

Spring Walking Weekend – Church Stretton, Shropshire – 10 April 2015

This is fully booked (35 members attending)


Autumn Walking Weekend – Coniston Water, Lake District – 2 October 2015

42 have booked. There are still a few places available. To gain sole occupancy a few more members are needed.


Summer Walking Week: Les Contamines: French Alps 4th – 11th July 4th

This is now fully booked and has 22 members going.


Walking Events for 2016

Spring Walking Weekend: Dovedale

Dates to be confirmed.


Summer Walking Week in 2016

Sarah talked through three possible options and handed out forms for each member to complete expressing their preferences. The results of this are:

  • Lake Bled, Slovenia – HF Holidays (15 expressions of interest)
  • Bavaria, Germany – HF Holidays (2 expressions of interest)
  • Picos de Europa, Northern Spain – HF Holidays and Hike Pyrenees (18 expressions of interest)


Autumn Walking Weekend: Glaramara (Lake District) 23-26th September

(this will be with a new independent hotel)


Winter / Sking Holiday

Members were also asked if they would like a Winter Holiday – Skiing, Snowshoeing, Tobogganing

This could be arranged for 2016. Sufficient interest was generated to merit further exploration.


  1. A.O.B

Mark Manton asked members to consider a change to the clubs policy on dogs (implemented in 2012). He proposed that dogs could be permitted on any walk at the discretion of the walk leader.

The current policy is that dogs are permitted on some Green Walks, at the discretion of the Walk Leader.

The Committee’s view is that this has been seen as a good compromise bearing in mind that many members are wary of dogs, that dogs can be unpredictable and more stress/responsibility is placed upon the Walk Leader. Due to the terrain it is thought that dogs create a greater risk on Red Walks.

Thoughts shared on the matter included that we are a walking club rather than a Dog Walking club, that there is a greater H&S risk to the other walkers, some dogs are not controlled, even if the recce had presented no animal hazards, on the actual walk day circumstances can change.


Proposal: Mark Manton Seconded by Ian Ford

Motion not approved. Policy to remain the same.


  1. Thanks

Howard concluded the AGM thanking the committee members (especially Toots Williamson who was standing down as Secretary), Kate Hosker for conducting the Audit and Sue Norwood for providing First Aid training. Thanks was also given to the Walk Leaders, John Trimble for managing the Wainwright Project, Alan Weaver for Walk Leader training, James Williamson for taking on the role of Webmaster and for his efforts in redeveloping the site, Mick Green for the Christmas Music, Eaton Golf Club (including Carol, the catering staff and bar staff) and all OHWC members for supporting this and other events throughout the year.






2013 Actual 2014 Actual2014 BudgetDif
Membership Fees In£280.00£300.00£200.00-£100.00
Walk Fees In£1069.06£1048.44£1200.00£151.56
Interest on HF Investment£2.06£0.00£2.50£2.50






20132014Actual2014 BudgetDif
AGM Catering + Social£777.20£589.00£680.00-£91.00
Leaders Exps, Maps etc£7.19£37.48£50.00-£12.52
Other Expenses£25.20£10.71£50.00-£39.29
Unrecovered Hol. Exps0.0066.00£0.00£66.00
Charitable Donations£90.00£118.07£120.00-£1.93
Leader Training£0.00£0.00£380.00-£380.00
Summer Party£0.00-£2.00£0.00-£2.00
Xmas Party£37.00-£151.00£100.00-£251.00





Other Activities


Selworthy – Spring 14-£150.00£3212.04£3112.04-£50.00
Dolgellau – Autumn 14-£100.00£7029.64£6979.64-£50.00
Pyrenees – Summer 14675.00£6080.00£6755.00£0.00
ChurchStretton –Spring 15£0.00£3150.00£3275.00-£125.00
Les Cont. –  Summer 15£0.00£8275.00£8175.00£100.00
Coniston – Autumn 15£0.00£3175.00£3350.00-£175.00
Glaramara – Autumn 2016£0.00£0.00£200.00-£200.00




 Budget 2015


2013 Actual 2014 Actual2014 BudgetDif
Membership Fees In£280.00£300.00£200.00-£100.00
Walk Fees In£1069.06£1048.44£1200.00£151.56
Interest on HF Investment£2.06£0.00£2.50£2.50











2015 Proposed walk Fees

Membership Fee£20£20£20
Walking Fee per walk (including Wainwrights)£2£2£2
Walking Fee per Weekend (HF Holidays)£6£5£5
Charity Walk Fee£5£5£5
Leader Out of PocketExpenses (per day walking)£20£20£20
OptionHoliday Administration Fee pp per holiday commencing Autumn 2015£0£0£2





Walk Statistics




GradeDifferent Walkers